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Extrapolating Straddle Prices

by Dart-Throw Trader
The following Question was asked so I thought I would share a video that explains it in a little more detail.  Here is the asked question: I'm fairly new to options, but I've read some books and have the basics down. I was chatting with a professional options trader, and he mentioned wanting to examine certain events and extrapolate straddle prices. What is meant by this, and why is the focus on straddle prices? Nothing I have read emphasizes the need to examine straddle prices, but I have heard other traders talk about this before too. I'm not a trader [...]
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Options Trading Books No.1 Best Selling Author is Jimmy Slagle of DartThrowTrading.com

by Dart-Throw Trader
How To Trade Stocks Using Options 25 year spread trading veteran and founder of DartThrowTrading.com, Jimmy Slagle’s first book in a planned 16 book series hits number 1 on Amazon Best Seller Lists. Series topics include: how to trade stocks using options and spread trading strategies.Life is changing (once again) for option spread trading strategy innovator Jimmy Slagle, founder of DartThrowTrading.com and author of “How to Trade Stocks Using Options: The Dart-Throw Traders Strategies to Throwing Darts – Picking Stocks – Making Money”. Dart-Throw Publishing announced the book reached number 1 on the Amazon Best Seller List for multiple categories. [...]
Call Calendar Spread

DRI 03-19-2015

Call Calendar Spread DRI Spread Trading Strategy Darden Restaurants topped estimates. The restaurant giant announced earnings of $0.99 per share ex-items, far above the $0.84 that analysts were expecting. Revenues rose 6.9% year-over-year to $1.73 billion, outpacing the $1.72 billion estimate. The company guided fourth-quarter earnings per share between $0.91 and $0.94, topping the $0.89 the Street was looking for. D.A.R.T. Outlook Direction: Bullish Acceleration: Slow Range: Narrow Turbulence: Low

Spread Trading Strategy Pro Jimmy Slagle, Releases First Book of Planned How to Trade Series

Spread Trading Strategy                 25 year spread trading veteran and founder of DartThrowTrading.com, Jimmy Slagle releases first book in a planned 16 book series. Series topics include: how to trade stocks using options, spread trading strategies, stock evaluation, and how to start a trading business. Atlanta, United States – March 6, 2015 /PressCable/ — Jimmy Slagle, founder of DartThrowTrading.com, has released the first book of a planned 16-book series in response to the ongoing rush of investors trying to build a trading business to take advantage of the current stock market behavior. Slagle’s [...]

Best Stocks for 03-06-2015

by Dart-Throw Trader

DartThrowTrading.com Releases New Book in Response to White House Claims

Spread Trading Strategy Investing Book   How to Trade Stocks Using Options was written for stock market investors who are looking for a proprietary trading system that uses trading strategies to take advantage of the Best Stocks for 2015 and to protect their money from the next stock market crash. Atlanta, United States – March 2, 2015 /PressCable/ — Jimmy Slagle, founder of DartThrowTrading.com, has released his latest book in the wake of the recent White House Fact Sheet: Middle Class Economics: Strengthening Retirement Security. Slagle’s book “How to Trade Stocks Using Options” is available at http://DartThrowTrading.com/how-to-trade-stocks or http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U051VJY/ According [...]