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Can I Throw Darts, Pick Stocks &

Raise 100k for charities in 2013-14?

Four years ago I wrote the book Dart-Throw Trading based on an argument, a challenge and 12-months of trading bliss. The book got quite an underground following and we had some fun for a while throwing darts – picking stocks – making money.

Then… life took over.

On September 03, 2011 I had the opportunity to sit and listen to someone proclaim the virtue of investing and charitable giving. His message was simply this… Invest to create wealth. Create wealth to give. Give to bless.

That message really resonated with me.

The economy sucks for many (OK, maybe most). There are frustrated and angry people pouring into the streets, gathering in parks, and trying to figure out a way to fiscally survive. The Occupy Wall-Street movement is rallying behind the “99%” who claim to be fed up with corporate greed, government corruption, and a feeling of hopelessness.

In principle I agree. Greed and corruption have robbed many of hope and it is time for me to do something, anything to bring some sense of balance back into the world I see.

Can I save the world… NO.
Can I make a dent… doubtful.
Can I impact the lives of 3, 7, or 10 people in the next year… Yes.

According to the numerous personality and psychological profile tests I have taken over the years (I find them educational and entertaining), I am confident that my gifts and strengths lie in the area of problem solving, leadership, and encouragement… I am also a charismatic extroverted people person who loves fun, adventure, and new experiences.

I have also been told I have a knack for trading securities (I am sure that is up for debate, until then, I will accept the compliment).

So What… Who cares!?!

The vast majority of the population is just trying to make it through the month, week, or even day. There are countless people dedicating their lives to helping others help themselves or helping those who can't help themselves.

I want to bring honor, encouragement, hope and above all…money to some of these folks.

And I need your help.

Allow me to outline my plan for 2012… I will get to how you can help in just a moment.

Is this plan completely thought through?   NO!
Could it fail beyond imagination? YES!
Could I become the laughing stock of the financial community? Absolutely!
Could I maybe, just maybe, hit my goal and give $100,000 to some local charities and foundations in 2012? We are going to find out and I hope you will come along for the ride.

Here are the details of my
charity trading challenge.

The Simple Plan…

I am going to deposit $5,000 into a trading account and follow the Dart-Throw Trading Rules and donate 100% of my trading profits to various charities throughout the year… (yawn).


The fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, not-completely-thought-through, train-wreck-waiting-to-happen, charity trading challenge idea.

Here is what I really want to do. I want to open a $5,000 trading account and follow the rules in the book: How To Trade Stocks Using Options: The Dart-Throw Traders Kick A$$ Strategies To Throwing Darts – Picking Stocks – Making Money (that's the easy part). 

I mean, seriously, Picking stocks (by throwing darts) is simple… I could pick charities the same way (put a list of charities on the wall and throw darts) but what is the fun in that?

My goal is quadruple fold:

1. Raise $100,000 for various charities.
2. Bring awareness to some “under the radar” charities that are doing ground-breaking work.
3. Bond with some interesting and passionate people.
4. And do as much of this as possible with out spending money to make it happen (the goal is to give money, not spend money).

Here is how I want to do it:

I want others (you, your friends, anybody) to suggest, nominate, choose, or recommend charities that this money should go to. I want to give money to charities that are local (local can be anywhere, local means they benefit the community they are located in). Truth is, national charities do need my help they are doing just fine without me.

I want to help the “in the trenches” charities and foundations the ones that usually get passed over by the “big donors”.

I want to get some celebrities involved in this little (soon to be huge) adventure. I want local, national, and international celebrities to throw a dart and pick the stock and maybe having their name attached will bring some more awareness and more cash (I already have several celebs on board and they are excited about what we are going to do, I also have a wish list of Celebs I would love to have throw a dart).

I want the parent companies of the stocks we select (the ones hit by the dart) to participate. I want them to match whatever the trade earns and make a donation to the charity we are trading for.

I want this to be a super-cool, never-done-before, trading extravaganza that benefits everyone who gets involved. I want this experiment to send a thrill up Chris Matthews leg, make Sean Hannity's hair move, motivate Lady Gaga to write a song, Derek Jeter to knock one out of the park, Motivate Micheal Jordan to play one more season, and help a lot of people who could use a hand.

Let me share with you my vision of how each weeks dart throw selection unfolds.

1. One day each week (beginning January 02, 2012) The Dart-Throw Trader (Jimmy Slagle) meets with a local, national, or international celebrity and the lucky celebrity throws a dart at our specially constructed Dart-Throw Trading Dartboard.

2. The entire dart throw is video tapped for proof of stock selection.

3. The dartboard is autographed by the celebrity and they are photographed with the Dart-Throw Trader. The picture and autographed dart board are framed and put up for auction along with any other item the celebrity chooses to donate for the cause.

4. The stock is then evaluated by the Dart-Throw Trader and an appropriate trade is placed in accordance with the Dart-Throw Traders outlook.

5. The parent company of the dart-throw selected stock is contacted and asked to match any profit the trade makes or to make a matching minimum donation if (in the very rare chance it happens) the chosen trade does not quite “work out” and produce a notable profit.

6. Once the trade has been placed, items put up for auction, and parent company contacted the media and social campaign begins. It is our goal to get as many people as possible bidding on the items and rooting for the trade to be profitable.

7. Once the auctioned item is sold to the highest bidder and the trade closed. Our goal is to present the charity selected for this week 3 checks… one from the trading account for the profits the trade earned, one from the proceeds of the auctioned items, and one from the parent company of the selected stock matching the previous two mentioned checks.

8. Do it again the next week… new celebrity, new stock, new charity.

That is my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, not-completely-thought-through, train-wreck-waiting-to-happen, charity trading challenge vision.

Here is how you can help… participate… get involved… benefit (I need your help and the rewards will be massive).

  • Buy the bookHow To Trade Stocks Using Options: The Dart-Throw Traders Kick A$$ Strategies To Throwing Darts – Picking Stocks – Making Money. 100% of the profits earned on this book will go to charities during the year.
  • Suggest a charity that we should trade for.
  • Get us in touch with a local, national, or international celebrity.
  •  Follow us on Twitter.com
  • Like us on Facebook.com
  • Follow us on Youtube.com
  • If you are a trader, register to get the details off every trade we do so you can follow along and learn the Dart-Throw Trader style of trading (Disclaimer – Don't do any of the trades we do, you will probably lose money, and we don't want that on our conscience).
  • Offer suggestions, questions, or feedback on how we can make this/do this better.
  • Visit our wish-list and see if you can help.
  • Visit our celebrities wish list page and politely ask them to participate with us on their facebook , twitter or other social media site.


Here is my best guess of what is going to happen next…


1. everything goes according to my vision and Dart-Throw Trading gives more than $100,000 to various charities throughout 2012.

 2. This entire thing blows up in my face… every trade is a loser… nobody participates in the auctions… the parent companies of the dart-throw selected stocks laugh at us while they hang up the phone… and I become the laughing stock of the investment community.

Either Way… Let's Get Ready to Rumble…
‘Cause it's about giving… Not About Me.