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FDX 03-18-2015


FDX 03-18-2015

by Dart-Throw Trader
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FedEx (FDX) hit the early mover list this morning as they reported $2.01 per share for the 3rd quarter. According to many analysts that beat estimates by $0.14.  On the surface, this would be good news. However, revenue numbers came in below expectations and so was their full year earnings guidance.

On that new FedEx took a hit at the open… So we thought we would evaluate it D.A.R.T. Throw Trader style… Our analysis?

Direction: Stagnant (mildly bullish)
Acceleration: Fast (FDX can move in its range)
Range: Narrow (about $8.00)
Turbulence: High (earnings are impacting this, it should crash soon)

D.A.R.T. Strategy = Vertical Spread (Bull Put Spread)



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