A $30,000.00 Trading Education Program Has Been Converted into a Powerful and Unique Multimedia Home Study Course That is Like No Other, Jam-Packed with Priceless Insider Secrets Revealed for Building an Unstoppable Trading Machine...


... it's become very obvious, I have the "skills" for teaching others how to build a powerful trading system from scratch. No matter what previous experience they may have had.

I have been teaching the strategies of my flag ship training program "Dart-Throw Trading" for more than 20 years, to thousands of investors, at more than 1000 workshops.

The sheer amount of PROOF all over the internet about "Jimmy Slagle and Dart Throw Trading" is quite literally UNDENIABLE...



The strategies taught in the Dart-Throw Trading training have generated multiple millions of dollars in trading accounts all over the world and Dart-Throw Trading has been seen on hundreds of news outlets across the country.

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In the next few minutes you'll discover the latest "unfair advantage" that can literally transform your life by removing all of your current obstacles and excuses that are stopping you from achieving trading success...

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...is to find someone who is successful at what you want to do, and simply follow in their footsteps. Learn all their mistakes so YOU don't have to make the same mistakes. Better yet, Learn their successes so you can mimic them over and over again."


Dart-Throw Trading was held LIVE on stage in front of no more than 100 of my students, where I would reveal ALL of my most prized, most powerful and most profitable spread trading strategies. And no one on the outside had access to this stuff! 

The first time we launched this training program (back in 2007) it completely Sold-Out and there was a waiting list of people who desperately wanted to enroll but couldn't. Unfortunately for them, I decided to keep these secrets close to my chest for the last 7 years.

Honestly, I've been reluctant to expose these insider strategies because of the "Unfair Competitive Advantage" I have in using them. And advantage that could be used against me if other traders know how I did it...

The Dart-Throw Trading System Works. Period.


... Even college drop-outs like myself have been able to tame the markets using it.

Meaning it might well be the closed thing you'll probably ever come to "printing money in your trading account"...

Not only do you get the EXACT same training modules people have previously paid over $4,995.00 for

...but I've also bumped up the training to include EVEN MORE essential training to ensure all four strategy families are FULLY COVERED.

This Could Quite Literally

No matter how much you have suffered from the hype or BS in the past

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"Ok... What EXACTLY Do I Get?"

I have documented information that can help someone go from $0 per month, $1,000 per month, or even $10,000 per month, using the same strategies that traders have used to make over $100,000.00 per month.

I have broke the entire Dart-Throw Trading system into 15 step-by-step modules talking you through EVERY SINGLE aspect of the system so NOTHING of my system is left out.

You can literally walk away from this with the exact strategies and guidelines I use in my trading system so you can start implementing these strategies today.


Plus You Get Unlimited Access to Our Propritary Trading Tool, Scans, Indicators, Data, Back-Testing, Virtual Trading Account... And SO MUCH MORE.

Easy to Use, Highly Visual

Designed with simplicity and speed in mind, we deliver information only when you need it. Starting with an visual overview of the Invest4 rankings with the ability to drill down to he level of detail you want.

Intelligent Research

Using our dashboards, you understand more about the company faster. With proprietary rankings, you will see a well-rounded view of charts, Insider and Institutional , valuation, and fundamentals. It’s all here – organized intelligently!

Finding Opportunity

Finding the right opportunity is the key. iVest+ offers advanced screeners by combining many aspect market data. It’s comprehensive, unique, and multi-perspective research. Search on!

Technical Analysis

  • Powerful Charting
  • Custom Indicators
  • Multiple Profiles
  • Easy Navigation

Inner Circle

  • Insider Activity
  • Proprietary Scoring
  • Institutional Activity
  • Historical Ownership
  • Money Flow


  • Key Ratios
  • Historical Comparisons
  • Ratio Charts
  • Projected Price


  • Overviews
  • Full Earnings Data
  • Ann. QTR, TTM Data
  • Visual Graphs of Data

All This and MUCH, MUCH, MORE...

Whoa... How's that for the COMPLETE package!?

I've left ABSOLUTELY NOTHING out of this training and as each session is taught everything will be available for INSTANT access with video, audio, pdfs, cheat sheets, and info-graphics so you can gain IMMEDIATE access to the Dart-Throw Strategies.

If you stopped right here - if you just absorbed the material in the course DVDs and printed materials - this system would be worth its weight in gold to you.

You Get the Entire "Dart-Throw Trading" System for a mere $199 per month.

That price includes EVERYTHING you have seen so far. NO strings attached.

$199 per month is a pittance compared to what this training is worth. What is this training worth, you ask? Well I will tell you. When I was under contract to sell the exact type of training you are about to have unfiltered access to... 

I asked (and received) as much as $30,000.00 for access to this live training and support over the course of a year.

At $199 a month the Dart-Throw Trading Education is an INSANE VALUE and you get access to EVERYTHING I mentioned above.

But you better hurry...

Because while I'm not limiting this to any specific number (just in case we go over)...

I will have to take this page down at some point, and judging by the number of people probably visiting this page every day... It won't be long at all.

So ENJOY YOUR ACCESS NOW... Before it's too late!

By the way... I know there are some people who want access just to see what's inside. I get that... 

That's why I'm backing up the Dart-Throw Trading System With My Drop-Dead Simple, Unconditional 6 Month Money-Back Guarantee!


I look forward to trading with you!


P.S. When you enroll in the Dart-Throw Trading System, try not too fill up 16 pages with notes and scribbles. Go through each module one at a time and paper trade the strategies following the guidelines being taught. This is the fastest way to master the strategies.

P.P.S. The bottom line is very simple here: Do you SERIOUSLY want to become a modern day alchemist able to throw a dart, pick a stock at random, evaluate it using our proprietary D.A.R.T. Evaluation system, pick the right strategy, and make money? If so, you'll do just about anything to lock in your access to this once in a lifetime opportunity.

But Wait...
You're Also Getting These Amazing Bonuses

Access to the Dart-Throw Traders Blog

  • The Weekly Blog keeps you laser focused. In just a few minutes each day you will know what we are doing, what we are seeing, and why we are taking specific actions in the market place.
  • The weekly blog keeps you in tune with the insiders who are focused on your educational and trading success.
  • It gives us the opportunity to present trade ideas outside of our normal trading channels and to offer insights and opportunities as they present themselves.
Value $497

Monthly Webinar Training Classes

  • The monthly webinars give you live interactive repetition so that you can walk through the core strategies month after month under varying market conditions.
  • They provide the ongoing opportunity to present live trade ideas and allow you to watch over our shoulder as we engage the market and its evolving behavior.
  • They are recorded, archived, and searchable for your convenience and unlimited viewing

Value $1497

Our Weekly Dart-Throw Trade Idea Vetted & Traded Using our proprietary D.A.R.T. System

  • Each week we throw the dart to randomly pick a stock
  • We plug our randomly selected stock inot our proprietary trading tool
  • We Evaluate it using the D.A.R.T. Method
  • We video the entire process
  • We create a one page cheat sheet of the trade
  • we submit it to our members.
  • The Dart-Throw Trading process is a mini training workshop held live each week
Value $297

Our Weekly "Ripped From the Headlines" Trade Idea

  • Every week one or more stocks makes the news creating tremendous trading opportunity
  • We plug the "stock of the day" into our proprietary trading tool
  • We evaluate it using the D.A.R.T. method
  • We video the process
  • We create a one page cheat sheet
  • we submit it to our members
  • The "Ripped From the Headlines" processs is a mini training workshop held each week
Value $297