DartThrowTrading.com Releases Free Proprietary Trading Strategy Report Revealing 4 Keys to Profitable Trading

Creating a profitable trading strategy that works regardless of market direction is achievable for most investors, provided they apply four simple steps to each stock they trade. Veteran spread trading expert reveals these steps and more in a recently published stock market strategies cheat sheet.

DartThrowTrading.com released another free proprietary trading strategy cheat sheet today: The Dart-Throw Traders Guide to Stock Evaluation and Strategy Selection. In this latest guide, veteran spread trading coach Jimmy Slagle reveals a proprietary trading strategy that almost guarantees a profitable trading plan, regardless of market direction.

The report can be downloaded free at http://DartThrowTrading.com/freecheatsheet

DartThrowTrading.com founder says creating a profitable trading strategy that works, regardless of market direction, is achievable for most investors, provided they apply four simple steps to each stock they trade.

For too long investors have been kept in the dark by their advisers when it comes to working with the various spread trading strategies available today. This report helps to open the curtains on the industry and give eager investors insights they won't find elsewhere.

Trading the stock market can be one of the most exhilarating activities investors can pursue in their quest to achieve greater financial security. To prove the point, spread trading expert Jimmy Slagle created a trading plan, based on a proprietary trading strategy, which achieved a 222% annual return by simply throwing darts at stock quotes.

“The problem is many individuals find the financial markets intimidating at best, and terrifying at worst”, says Slagle. According to their own admissions, many investors approach the markets with a chest-thumping can-do attitude. They’re motivated. They’re inspired. They’re ready, willing, and able… until one or two wrong moves send them running in fear.

“It’s not their fault,” says Slagle. According to many experts and pundits, there is an abundance of financial and investing information available today, and it is that abundance of information that overwhelms many investors, leading them to lose sight of this one fundamental truth: The financial markets will move up, down, or sideways; regardless of how badly an individual investor would prefer they only go up.

It has been said that the markets do not trade logically, they trade emotionally. It is the collective emotions of fear and greed that drive its behavior. Because of the markets’ constant uncertainty and turmoil, it is important that investors approach the beasts with a profitable trading plan that encompasses multiple long- and short-term trading strategies.

To help investors formulate a profitable trading plan, Slagle offers some proprietary trading secrets, rules, and ideas that have proven successful over the last 25 years from his recently published Dart-Throw Traders Guide to Stock Evaluation and Strategy Selection Cheat Sheet:

1. Choose a stock to work with – According to most investment advisers, this is a difficult first step, mostly because of the enormous variety of stocks to choose from. However, based on over 25 years of working with investors, Slagle believes the stock-picking difficulty goes much deeper than just an overabundance of choice.

According to Slagle, many investors have confessed their belief that if they can just choose the “right stock” in the beginning, everything else will magically fall into place. It is this unfortunate belief which keeps many investors on the sidelines in fear, or causes them to lose money from an initial poor choice.

2. Determine the time frame of the position one wants to enter – One of the most powerful components of profitable trading and investing is time frame. Choosing the right time frame allows an investor to choose how quickly they are able to realize gains or adjust losses.

3. Evaluate the chosen stock using a D.A.R.T. – D.A.R.T. is anacronym that represents the four major areas of evaluation that must be performed: Direction, Acceleration, Range, and Turbulence.

4. Choose a trading strategy that offers the highest rate of return, with the least amount of risk, based on the chosen stock, time frame, and D.A.R.T.

These profitable trading ideas are taken from Slagle’s recently released Dart-Throw Trading Cheat Sheet, “The Dart-Throw Traders Guide to Stock Evaluation and Strategy Selection.” This strategy guide is part of the Dart-Throw Trading Inner Circle at www.DartThrowTrading.com

The report can be downloaded free at http://DartThrowTrading.com/freecheatsheet.

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Spread Trading Coach, Mentor, and Expert, Jimmy Slagle, has helped thousands of investors learn to Throw Darts – Pick Stocks – Make Money using simple and profitable strategies to trade the markets. His trading ideas have been the subject of numerous online stock trading newsletters, books, articles, and webinars, and he is in constant demand to teach and speak at live trading workshops, boot-camps, and seminars across the country.