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Trading Business CEO: Spread Trading Strategy Books Should be on Your “How to Trade” Bookshelf

Trading Business CEO: Spread Trading Strategy Books Should be on Your “How to Trade” Bookshelf

by Dart-Throw Trader

Want to start a trading business?

As stock prices climb, investors begin to turn to investing books for help on how to trade an uncertain market. One trading strategy that investors turn to is an option strategy known as spread trading.

Atlanta, United States – March 4, 2015

Jimmy Slagle, founder of DartThrowTrading.com, has released his latest book in the wake of the recent rush of investors to build a trading business.

Slagle’s book “How to Trade Stocks Using Options” is available at http://DartThrowTrading.com/how-to-trade-stocks or http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U051VJY/

According to Slagle, Starting a trading business consists of five basic steps.

1.  Invest in education. The most important element of trading is learning how to trade. This comes from securing a solid education. Investors should learn basic terminology and foundational trading strategy structure.

An investing education can and should come from various sources, including investing books, webinars, online and offline classes, mentorships, and mastermind groups.

Most pros would suggest the mastermind/mentorship is the fastest way to achieve mastery. Find someone who is achieving the results wanted and do what they do. Although this process is simple in theory, it will require work, discipline, and time.

2.  Decide on a trading strategy: Your pursuit of education should open the door to several different types of trading strategies. Deciding what trading strategy is right will depend on available trading capital, market outlook, goals, education, time, and discipline.

3.  Consider Spread Trading: Spread trading is an option strategy that involves the simultaneous purchase and sale of option contracts around a single asset. The two most common spread trading strategy types are the debit spreads and credit spreads.

For most investors learning how to trade options is an important and integral part of success. Option spread trading allows for an investor to enter multiple positions around a single asset. Spread trading is a powerful way to lower overall trading costs and create bi-directional trades, hedged-directional trades, and non-directional trades.

4.  Open a trading account with a brokerage firm that offers, at a minimum, the following three items.

Support: Placing trades correctly and timely is an important part of any trading strategy.

Competitive commission rates: Costs must be factored into overall Rate of Return. If the brokerage can’t compete on commission costs, what else can’t they compete on? Keep in mind that occasionally, cost is a direct reflection of support. Low cost could equal low support. High cost could equal high support. Do the homework on this one. When in doubt, ask questions.

Tools: Having the right tools is an integral part of the trading strategy process. An investor must be able to properly evaluate selected stocks and structure simple to complex trades.

5.  Trading Business Structure: Many investors begin by opening accounts in their own name, this is sometimes a mistake. Because of the inherit costs involved in trading, many investors should consider the benefits of trading inside a corporate entity or tax deferred account.

These minimal steps should be explored when any investor considers the possibility of starting a trading business. Jimmy Slagle and the team at DartThrowTrading.com would like to help investors with learning how to trade, especially when it comes to spread trading.

Choosing to take control of your financial life and not be a victim of predatory financial advisors is the fastest way to learn to trade the market and become a better trader. In summary, here are just a few things that will be revealed in “How to Trade Stocks Using Options” which is available now at a deeply discounted rate for a limited time:

1. More Options Equals More Wealth 2. The Foundational Strategies 3. The Collar Spread 4. The Bull Call and Bull Put Spreads 5. The Bear Put and Bear Call Spreads 6. The Call and Put Calendar Spreads 7. The Butterfly and Condor Spreads 8. The Call and Put Ratio Backspreads

“How to Trade Stocks Using Options” is available at http://DartThrowTrading.com/how-to-trade-stocks

DartThrowTrading.com wants to help educate investors on specific strategies they can use to not only take advantage of the best stocks for 2015 but also protect their money from the next potential stock market crash.

Your time is valuable, therefore, you might want to check out how we do our DART evaluations by getting our FREE cheat sheet here. From there you may wish to learn more about the strategies that FIT your personality. Then we can chat about ONLY those you can learn Quickly and Easily.

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